This week we have our annual Changeover, where our current President Liam McCarthy steps down and hands the gavel to incoming President Todd Allen. I’m not certain if there is an official ceremony, but I AM certain there will be no attempt to recite anything in unison! 
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The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM. Liam McCarthy begins his final official meeting at noon at which point it’s best if all mikes are muted. After our opening Pledge of Allegiance and opening inspiration Liam will hand off the virtual podium to Todd. 
If you have NOT paid your annual dues, they are now subject a late fee of $25.00, which means you now owe $205.00. If Tom Hall does not receive a payment by the end of this month the club will assume that you are withdrawing from membership. Tom asks that you give him a call (603-643-7714) if you do not wish to remain a member. Checks should be made out to “Rotary Club of Hanover, NH” and sent to: Rotary Club of Hanover, NH; P. O. Box 381; Hanover, NH 03755. 
Prior to the meeting, Ginia Allison expressed appreciation for Peggy Allen, Todd Allen’s wife, for the excellent article she wrote in support of CATV whose funding was cut by the Town of Lebanon. A non-profit, CATV provides a tremendous service in the Upper Valley by broadcasting public meetings and offering a forum for the community to learn about issues of vital interest. It is noteworthy that Jim Kenyon picked up on the report and wrote a follow up article encouraging members of the public to help cover the loss of funds and seeking a reconsideration on the part of the City of Lebanon. 
Liam McCarthy briefed the club members on the recent Board meeting, indicating that the process for selecting the Rotary Scholarship recipient will involve more engagement from the committee members and that Heidi Postupak would be offering more details on the new process in the future. He also announced that the club plans to donate $50,000 to various charities in the future, with $25,000 identified to date. He urged members to consider donations in lieu of the cost of meals via the link in this Newsletter. (see nest section for details). (NOTE: Based on my back of the envelope calculation: if the 25 who show up for Zooms donated the $18 they are NOT paying for meals we would be getting $2,250 in donations this month.)  
Bruce Atwood offered a Happy Dollar for his anniversary of 35 years of club membership. 
Todd Allen offered a Happy Dollar in thanks for the rain! 
Mike Urnezis won the virtual raffle: a $10 discount when we return to Jesse’s reopens.  
As noted above Liam McCarthy urged club members to consider making donations to the club’s Covid 19 Fund in lieu of paying for lunches at Jesse’s, which is saving members $18/week. Here’s the link to make your donation!
Todd Allen introduced Jim Feinson, CEO of Gardener's Supply, who offered a history of his business which, after starting as a specialized online catalogue in the 1980s is now the largest gardening store in the nation! With four stores in Burlington and Williston VT, one in Lebanon NH< and one in Hadley MA, Gardener’s Supply now gets 75% of its business from brick and mortar stores as opposed to online sales. He noted that nationally gardening is a $47,000,000,000 business, but most of the gardening supply scores are “local monopoles” and few of the local chains offer online services. He also noted that while national multi-dimensional chains like Lowes and Home Depot might have higher gross sales in gardening, that is not their primary mission and so they are not seen as competitors in the niche that Gardener’s Supply operates in. He noted that while serious gardeners could find and purchase gardening tools and supplies on line, they would not settle for plants purchased online nor could they get the personal attention they receive from the staff at Gardeners Supply, attention that is unique to his store since it is employee owned. 
He concluded his talk by noting that well run garden centers are growing despite the economic downturn because “tomatoes are not going away”. I came away appreciating that though Gardeners Supply is a chain, because it is owned by the employees it is operated like a local business. I’ve shopped there when it was Longacres and find the new operation to be every bit as user friendly as the “old” store. 
Coming Attractions:
July 8 – Casey Aldrich introduces her colleague Anne Sosin who oversees the Global Health Initiative at the Dickey Center who will talk to us about the work she is doing around the pandemic on campus and with partner organizations in developing countries. 
July 29 – Heather Drinan will introduce her uncle Paul Drinan, who is the  Paul Executive Director of the Friends of Fort Gorges. which is located in the Casco Bay, off Portland, Maine. 
AND… note that we have a gap! We’re looking for speakers on July 15 and 22nd and throughout August! My goal is to have the slate of speakers for the balance of the summer in place by Wednesday… but I’ll need some help to pull that off. I’ve reached out to one speaker… but before reaching out to more want to see what YOU might have! And… as we’ve witnessed of late, with ZOOM we can draw speakers from across the region and across the country. Thanks, in advance, for your help! E-mail me with any ideas you have. 
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