September 25 – Our auction partner, Positive Tracks, will share their goal, which is to empower youth of all backgrounds and abilities to use sport as a catalyst for change, and their ambitious vision, which is to foster a national movement, led by young people and rooted in representation from all backgrounds and perspectives. By the end of 2020, Positive Tracks is pledging to “stand behind 100,000+ young people engaged in ongoing activism through athletics.”

Jed Williamson thanked those who are helping with the Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday, September 22nd, those who made donations, and those who are participating. 

David Allen announced the results of the ACTS Honduras meeting convened before the meeting and indicated that the group is making progress.  

Liam McCarthy urged members to offer help to Nan Carroll when asked and reminded us in lieu of a meeting on October 30 club members will be invited to takea tour of Rauner Library followed by dinner provided by Provost's office.
Deecie Denisongave HAPPY DOLLAR to share her joy of attending the Janis Joplin tribute at the Lebanon Opera House.

Kathy Geraghty gave a HAPPY DOLLAR in appreciation of the opportunity she had for a family visit to Utah. 
Liam McCarthy gave HAPPY DOLLAR to thank Todd Allen for covering for him this week while he goes to Japan to watch a rugby match. No… that’s not a misprint! Evidently a group of Japanese officials went to Britain in the late 1800s to find out Britain’s secret to success and came back with rugby.

Dave Bradley won the raffle, which was a $25 gift certificate to JList in Hanover which, according to Google offers “fine clothing and exuberant gifts”. 
Linda Addante introduced Emily Stannard, Julia Cook and Alice Garner, three students from the Council at Hanover High School who gave an overview of the Hanover High SchoolCouncil's history, purpose and impact on student learning at the high school. The Council consists of student representatives, faculty representatives, and community representatives and by school board policy they have jurisdiction to "act on all matters at Hanover High School not controlled by school board policy, state law, administration regulations established by the Superintendent of School”. They provided an impressive list of initiatives that they have undertaken over the year which ranged from the implementation of a salad and smoothie bar to the establishment of a restorative justice program and the annual March Intensive. As indicated last week, this is NOT the student government I experienced in the early 1960s! Hanover High School students are living democracy as opposed to studying it. 
October 2 – Rosie Kerr from the Dartmouth sustainability Office will discuss Dartmouth’s proposed biomass plant whose installation has been the source of many letters to the editor in the Valley News. 
October 9 – Dr. Steve Atkins, a NH and VT licensed psychologist and school consultant will provide us with a broad background on howthe opioid problem is impacting the Upper Valley. 
October 15 - Our Friendship Exchange visitors from Calgary, Alberta, will give us a report on their clubs’ activities and some insights on their part of the world. 
October 22 – Cam Ford, the Executive Director of Headrest will be offering the second in a series of talks on the opioid crisis in the Upper Valley. 
October 30 - We will have a social gathering at the Dartmouth Library in lieu of our luncheon meeting, some details of which are described above. 
November 6 – Graham Clarke will give us an update on Whaleback’s latest developments. 
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