Carol Olwert will introduce Cam Ford, the Executive Director of Headrest, who will be offering the second in a series of talks on the opioid crisis in the Upper Valley. Cam will describe the services his organization offers to help addicts transition from treatment facilities, an important phase of the treatment cycle. 

The most important announcement from last week is that Liam McCarthy needs to know by October 23 whether or not you will be participating in the field trip to the Rauner Special Collections Library at Dartmouth!  He announced that we will gather there at 5pm and that the tour should take about an hour. It will be followed by dinner at the '53 Commons dining hall and the Provost's office is very kindly picking up the cost of dinner for us. And…since parking after 5pm is free the entire evening should be free! Heather Drinan needs to swipe us all in at the dining hall at roughly 6:00 PM. The only proviso is that Liam needs to give Heather Drinan an accurate number by this Wednesday so please email Liam at liam@cblifestylesre.comby then!Liam notes that significant others are welcome to this social event!
Two of the eleven Rotary members from Alberta were sung to because they had a birthday on the week of their visit. I am certain this was one of the highlights of their visit!
President McCarthy reminded us that the Rotary Acution was only 21 days from tomorrow and urged us to respond to the emails we would be receiving from Nan Carroll in the coming days. He also thanked Mike Urnezis for raising over $500 in 2 hours of bell ringing at Dartmouth’s homecoming game. 
Tom Cstari offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for the Big Green ‘s victory that evening. Dick Podolec offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for all who helped host the Alberta visitors.Deecie Dennison offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for a recent weekend visit from two of her friends from California. 
Dick Booma called for the raffle in anticipation of collecting money from his colleagues at the table… but... the raffle was won by one of our Alberta visitors who received a lovely glazed ceramic vase from the League of New Hampshire Crafts…. And… As a bonus, one of our club’s plentiful trading banners, setting the stage for a banner-exchange-fest at the end of the meeting. 
Dick Podolec introduced Alberta Rotarian Wayne Sevigney who gave a presentation on his homeland and Alberta, the region his visiting group hailed from. (NOTE: the spelling of the surname is questionable though I am confident of the spelling of the first name). Wayne led his group in a singalong of O Canada that opened a Powerpoint presentation on Canada, which is nearly as large as the US but has only 10% of our population. The slideshow compared the US with Canada, which has the 2nd largest oil reserves in world; lots of agricultural products; as well as countless cows, rodeos, and beautiful mountains. Wayne’s presentation focused on the 5 avenues that make Rotary wonderful: international, youth, club, vocational, and community. As part of the presentation we learned that Dick Podolec crossed the boundary between our nations illegally while waterskiing on the lake that connects Watertown National Park and Glacier National Park… At the conclusion of the talk, Liam received lot of flags and warm handshakes as he posed for pictures with representatives from the clubs who participated in the friendship exchange.  
October 30 -We will have a social gathering at the Dartmouth Library in lieu of our luncheon meeting, some details of which are described above. 
November 6 – Graham Clarke will give us an update on Whaleback’s latest developments.
November 13 – Auction Debrief with our partners and team leaders providing closure on our biggest fundraiser
November 20 –Valley News editor Maggie Cassidy will be our speaker. 
AND… looking ahead, circle January 22 when Dartmouth President Hanlon briefs us on the college’s latest developments.  
It looks like a good line up all the way through January! Make sure you keep your Wednesday's open... including this one! 
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