Ben Van Vliet, Executive Director of the Upper Valley Music Center, and several of his staff members will share some of the many and varied programs offered by his organization. Ben was scheduled last week but was unable to make it due to illness.
Liam McCarthy reinforced the message from Marty McMillan that the 2020 Pancake Breakfast scheduled for April 4 at the Hanover Fire Department was cancelled.
Kathy Geraghty read a letter she received from Rotary Ambassador Scholar Michael Hatch who described the life-changing impact of the scholarship he received several years ago. The letter expressed appreciation to Hanover High teacher Margaret Caldwell who had previously been a Rotary Scholarand described the trajectory of his career since completing his graduate studies. 
Deecie Dennison sought substitute observers for the PICs class at Richmond Middle School for Monday (today) and got two volunteers to pitch in. 
Liam McCarthy completed the third and final reading of officers for 2020-21. 
Wayne Gersen offered Happy Dollars for Marty McMillan’s extraordinary job of “pinch hitting” in covering today’s absent speaker and for Deecie Dennison’s ability to find speakers who are flexible, making it possible to fill gaps in the schedule. 
Jed Williamson offered a Happy Dollar in announcing a story-telling festival taking place at the Parish Players theater in Thetford, VT. Someone in the audience made certain we all knew that Jed was one of the featured story-tellers. The show will go on this weekend! 
David Allen offered a Happy Dollar in honor of his son-in-law (I BELIIEVE) who won a seat on the Hanover School Board as a write in candidate… and an extra Happy Dollar because he foresees this as resulting in more time with his grandchild. 
Deecie Dennsion won the raffle…. And gets the prize for having her name mentioned the most in this week’s newsletter!  
Our own Marty McMillan offered a timely and informative presentation on the spread of Covid-19. He explained the reason for the lag time between the CDC data and local data noting that local reports often count “presumed” cases while the CDC only reports on “confirmed” cases—which need to go through a review process at a higher level. He explained how local health care providers, government agencies (including schools), and emergency responders are working collaboratively and effectively to identify potential cases and coordinate their responses across town and state borders. He shared a YouTube video that provided a brief but thorough explanation of who is most likely to be impacted by the disease, what the symptoms are, and how long the incubation period is for the spread of the disease. One major problem is that relatively healthy individuals may carry the virus and unwittingly spread it in public forums. He suggested we refer to the many public health websites available to us to get timely information on the outbreak. I came away from the talk with a high level of confidence in our ability to deal with this at a local level thanks to level heads like Marty’s. I am sure he will be sharing more insights with the club in the weeks ahead. 
March 18 – Dave Bradley, our tracker of birthdays and anniversaries, will offer a history of the Hanover Rotary Club, which he joined 48 years ago!  
March 25 – Jess Chayes will describe Northern Stage’s “Bold” program. 
April 1 – Randall Balmer will share his insights on how the evangelical movement has captured the GOP
April 8 – Russell Muirhead and Charles Whelan will provide an overview of a course they recently taught at Dartmouth titled “The Future of Capitalism”. 
April 15 – David Celone from West Central Behavioral Health will share the services offered by that agency. 
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