Carol Olwert will introduce Daisy Goodman, the director of health services at the Moms in Recovery program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Moms in Recovery provides support for pregnant and parenting women who struggle with substance use. We'll learn how DHMC is addressing this troubling issue. 
With 80 Rotarians in attendance, including a contingent from the UK, we opened with a toast to the queen after pledging allegiance to our flag... a fitting opening to a meeting that featured a memorable presentation by our colleagues from afar. 
Nan Carroll and Rob Adams updated the club on sign ups for the Auction, noting that we now have only 45 of the 250 tickets left. Nan reminded club members to bring a good bottle of wine or some craft beer to next week's meeting and she and Rob reminded club members to make sure the room was filled with folks who would bid on the high end items in the auction. 
President Tom Csatari read a letter from the Town of Hanover thanking our club for its role in providing funding for the new park and for our commitment to maintain it once it is completed. Kudos to Dave Allen for making this happen! 
President Tom introduced the Rotary Friendship Exchange trip organizer, Ian Clarkson, who provided an overview of the presentation, which opened with Roger Albert's rhymed iambic pentameter description of the various clubs represented in the exchange and offered a historic perspective on the region of England where the clubs are located. A representative from each club then offered anecdotes about their community and exchanged banners. Mr. Albert then concluded the presentation with another poem which highlighted the differences between the Queen's English and American English... a poem that provided us with the insight that the British refer to passing gas as "Trumping". A quick internet search confirmed that this is the case! 
And who won the raffle? Dave Bradley! And what did he win? A $10 discount on his next Rotary luncheon at Jesse's. Congratulations, Dave! 

October 31 - Polish exchange student program

November 7 - Revels North Executive Director Brian Cook and Artistic Director Nils Fredland

November 14 - Nini Meyer of Positive Tracks

November 21 - No Meeting

November 28 - Treb Allen on his work along the Mexico US Border

Hope to see you all on Wednesday. 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.