Liam McCarty will introduce Sarwar Kashmeri an adjunct professor at Norwich University and political science commentator who will update us on China’s burgeoning power, likely drawing material from his most recent book China's Grand Strategy: Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Primacy
Tom Csatari updated members on last week’s Board meeting, reporting that: we will schedule a clean-up day for the Allen Street Park in the spring; we donated funds along with the district and the Lebanon Rotarians to obtain a grant for Pre Schools in South Africa, and that the Board proposed making donations of $1,000 apiece to the Rotary Foundation in the names of Nan Carroll and Rob Adams for their outstanding service as auction chairs. Our exchange student from Chile also spoke to the board, who voted to give her some funding to be able to participate in a program in California.Tom reported that we have roughly $4,600 remaining in the International fund.  
Dave Allen encouraged members to make their donations to the Foundation before the end of June, which is the end of our fiscal year. He hoped that EVERY member would contribute. 
Tom Csatari read the slate of officers which my substitute note-taker was unable to capture in full… But I DO expect the slate to find its way into print at some point in the coming weeks. 
Todd Allen won the raffle, which was a guarantee for a place in the 4th of July Parade. 
Happy Dollars abounded with Jeremy Lambeth and his wife Anastasia raking in dollars from Len Cadwallader and Julia Griffin; Dick Podolec contributing to celebrate his upcoming trip to visit family in California where the weather is warm and the ground is free of snow and ice; and Tom Csatari expressing appreciation for a visit with his grandchildren.  
In lieu of a formal program, club members received updates from Committees. 
On behalf of the Philanthropy Committee Tom Csatari reported that two entities have expressed interest in serving as auction partners for next year and the club has received 9 applications for our typical grants. The really good news: Ruby Nash is willing to help lead the Auction moving forward with support from Nan and Rob.  Those who will run the auction will have input into who the auction partner should be. Tom appealed for another club member to step up and help Ruby. Who will it be??? Tom reported that the club has about $50,000 for local charities and the committee is actively looking for ideas from members for one or two major projects we could support with our auction moneys. We have over $25,000 for such a project! 
Hanover Rotary Charities:Treasurer Kevin Wenger reported that we have roughly $180,000 in the account thanks to the successful auctions.
Rod Thomas who was not in attendance asked for feedback on how things are going at Jesse’s concerning check in, menu, audio, etc. The club gave Kudos to Rod for his work. 
Membership Committee:Dick Podolec encouraged members to invite guests to our meetings The committee is actively looking for new members and leadership. 

Julia Griffin reminded the club that there is a large wooden frame stored in the Town Hall which is used to attract attention for bell ringing and could be used in the future at the pond party for menu posting. She noted that it is used to draw attention to the Pancake breakfast and suggested that it might be stored at the fire house in the future.
Mike Urnezis has agreed to take on publicity and bell ringing in the future. He hoped that the Valley Newswould run a letter to the editor about the bell ringing results and the matching of donations that the club made this year. 
Tom Csatari offered thanks to John Hochreiter for facilitating the social at the x club and thanked those who volunteered at the Occum Pond party where we raised $1,000.
March 13 Allie Levy, Dartmouth grad and the new proprietor of a book store-wine bar that will be located in part of the former Dartmouth book store space.
March 20 Mascoma Bank benefits administrator Samantha Pause will share her experiences as the banks B-Corp facilitator. 
April 10 Carol Olwert will introduce Dr. Sally Kraft from DHMC who will speak on population and health. 
We still have a few holes in our schedule, but from what I;ve been reading they will be filled soon. Thanks to all who have stepped up to help Liam McCarthy in his endeavor to get speakers! 
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