DAVID ALLEN will introduce CATV’s new ED Samantha Davidson Green who’s been introducing lots of innovative ideas over the past several months… including a Rotary Podcast! 
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The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM.  At noon, after the Pledge of Allegiance and opening remarks from David Allen will introduce our speaker
David Allen announced that Rod Thomas learned that when we return to Jesse’s the cost for meals will be $25.00. 
Jennifer Eastwood announced that club members should be on the lookout for schedules for bell-ringing for Listen. She and Committee members Deecie Dennison and Mike Urnezis are exploring partnerships with other Rotary Clubs and CATV to help increase the amount we can offer to Listen as a result of our efforts.
Tom Csatari reminded members that October 24 was End Polio day and encouraged donations to Rotary International who had done so much to help near that ambitious goal.  
Dick Podolec offered a Happy Dollar for his recent belated 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration that was postponed due to COVID. Congratulations to Dick and Melanie! 
Todd Allen introduced Alexis Abramson from Dartmouth’s Thayer School who gave us an overview on the status of their programs and construction. Alexis noted that she was the beneficiary of a Rotary scholarship as an undergraduate after we learned of her work in the Obama administration’s emerging technologies department and Bill Gates’ Climate Change initiative,  
The presentation provided an overview of Thayer’s core philosophy which includes Human Centered Engineering; World Class Research and Innovation; Integration of Interdisciplinary students; and Collaboration with other schools within Dartmouth. Alexis noted that by focusing on this core philosophy Dartmouth had gender parity in its enrollment, a wide array of Ph.D. students who are innovators in their field, and a high ranking among similar scaled institutions. She noted that while only 12% of the undergraduates are engineering majors, 70+% have enrolled in one or more courses. 
Alexis reported that the soft opening of the new Engineering school was scheduled for January 2022 with a larger grand opening hoped for by the end of the current school year. She noted that the current faculty of 65 hopes to expand to 90 by 2030 as Dartmouth’s effort to enroll more engineering students and especially more interdisciplinary students will help grow the staff.  
November 3 – Heather Drinan introduces Dartmouth planner Joanna Whitcomb who will fill us in on some of the college’s future building plans
November 10 – Len Cadwallader introduces Bob Keene to tell us about the Red Logan Dental Clinic in Hartford, VT
November 17 – Todd Allen will introduce Erica Hoffman-Kiess of the Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation
November 24 – THANKSGIVING EVE: No Meeting
Our next opening is December 22, the fourth week in DecemberThanks to those who helped sign-up speakers early… and I note that Christmas is fast approaching!  
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