Anne Sosin who oversees the Global Health Initiative at the Dickey Center who will talk to us about the work she is doing around the pandemic on campus and with partner organizations in developing countries. As reported in the Valley News a few weeks ago Anne is also studying how our region is dealing with COVID 19 cases. 
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 882 2958 2283
Password: 254494
The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM. Todd Allen leads his first official meeting at noon at which point it’s best if all mikes are muted. After our opening Pledge of Allegiance and opening inspiration Todd will hand off the virtual podium to Casey Aldrich who will introduce our speaker
Motivated by the discussion last week of how our Zoom Group could best deal with the singing of Happy Birthday, and, as someone suggested, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Rod Thomas launched a lengthy investigation into using recorded versions of both. He discovered that the birthday songs were mostly too long, or instrumental and felt too impersonal.  And the recordings of the Pledge were done mostly by school kids (and sounded worse than we do!). Consequently, Rod ended up recommending that Todd Allen recite the Pledge on a solo basis, which is what will happen this week. Going forward, Todd might ask for a weekly volunteer to do this. As for singing Happy Birthday, Rod recommended that Dave Bradley render a solo tune. In both cases, the rest of us would either lip sync or remain muted.  Todd agreed with both recommendations, so we’ll give them a try for the next couple of weeks. 
Outgoing president Liam McCarthy extended his heartfelt appreciation for the support the entire club gave him in the past year. 
Todd Allen offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation of the assistance fellow Rotarian Rob Adams’ business Solaflect provided to all those who offer sales at the Norwich Farmer’s Market. Thanks Rob’s business providing a hotspot at Fogg’s Hardware every vendor at the Farmers Market could use Venmo! 
Nan Carroll offered multiple Happy Dollars in appreciation for the hard work Liam put in as President, noting that in addition to leading the club this past year, Liam worked full time as a realtor, launched a new business, and was a home school teacher!  
Allison Sherman won the virtual raffle: a $10 discount when we return to Jesse’s reopens.  
As part of his inaugural address Todd Allen urged club members to consider making donations to the club’s Covid 19 Fund in lieu of paying for lunches at Jesse’s, especially in light of the fact that we won’t be holding our auction this year. Here’s the link to make your donation!
Last week our annual Changeover, when Past President Liam McCarthy stepped down and handed the gavel to incoming President Todd Allen.
Todd opened his inaugural speech echoing the accolades Liam McCarthy received earlier, noting that the year was especially challenging given the pandemic and Liam’s calm leadership helped the club stay the course. His speech, which included a Powerpoint presentation circulated last week, had three overarching messages: we need to put everything we have on the table if we want our Club to thrive; we should be open to trying new approaches to attracting and securing members; and, most importantly, we need to develop some now ways of raising funds since our primary means of fundraising is going to end. 
In talking about the need for new directions for fundraising, Todd offered special thanks to Nan Carroll, Rob Adams, and Richard Weiss whose fundraising prowess resulted in our club raising over $720,000 over the past three years. Bravo! 
Coming Attractions:
July 15 – Lia Rubel will share information on an initiative she launched that provides used electronic equipment to seniors to assist them with obtaining access to tele heath
 July 22 – OPEN as of now… 
July 29 – Heather Drinan will introduce her uncle Paul Drinan, who is the  Paul Executive Director of the Friends of Fort Gorges. which is located in the Casco Bay, off Portland, Maine. 
August 5 – Page Tomkins, Upper Valley Educators Institutes (UVEI) President, will share his organization’s experiences converting to remote learning. UVEI trains teachers in dozens of school districts in the region and he will have a broad perspective on what worked, what didn’t work… and what’s in the offing for 2020-21. 
August 12 – Robert Hargreaves will offer a talk titled “Fearless Fission”. As the date of the talk approaches we will feature additional information. 
AND… note that we STILL have a gap! We’re looking for a speaker on July 22nd and we have two more open dates in August: the 19th and 26th. Thanks to those who emailed me suggestions this past week and thanks, in advance, for any ideas you have. 
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Russell Hampton
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