Linda Addante will introduce three students from the Council at Hanover High School who will share information about Council's purpose and impact on student learning at the high school. For those unfamiliar with the way Council functions it will be eye opening to see how student government works in our local high school. 
Representatives from ACTS Honduras will meet with club members interested in this initiative at 11:15 before today’s meeting.
Liam McCarthy reported that the Hanover Police Department found an old Rotary bell at an unnamed fraternity house on the Dartmouth campus and displayed the bell for all to see. It had a date of 1925 emblazoned on it. Liam reported that the forensics unit will be doing DNA tests and examining fingerprints on the bell. Dartmouth alumni in our club may be asked to cooperate. (NOTE: The last two sentences are FAKE NEWS) 

Jed Williamson announced his need for more help with the Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday, September 22nd and reported he had received donations from 5 club members. If you haven’t done so already, use this link to make a donation:

David Allen announced the ACTS Honduras meeting for this week (see RED ANNOUNCEMENT above). 

Liam McCarthy reminded members that in lieu of a meeting on October 30 club members will be invited to takea tour of Rauner Library followed by dinner provided by Provost's office (ie.Heather Drinan).
Terri Minnelli gave HAPPY DOLLAR in honor of the anniversary of 9-11-01.

Tom Csatari gave a HAPPY DOLLAR in appreciation of the Napa Valley bike tour he and his wife would be taking thanks to their winning bid at the 2018 Rotary Auction. 

Jed Williamson won the raffle, which was a gift certificate to My Brigideiro in Hanover. Maybe he’ll offer a cupcake to those who join him on the Walk! 
Kathy Harvard introduced Dr. Robert Santulli, who offered club members an insight into where we stand with research on Alzheimer’s, a disease that effects 5.8 million Americans and whose impact is growing. Why? Because as the health of the world improves and more people reach old age more and more people will be impacted since age is the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s. Dr. Santulli described the staggering costs associated with the treatment of Alzheimer’s, which are $290,000,000,000 per year in our country and an average of just over $350,000/year for each patient suffering from dementia. Dr. Santulli indicated that the causes and cures for Alzheimers are elusive and that no new medications for treatment have been approved since 2004. He listed several symptoms of the disease and suggested that good diet, regular exercise, and social and intellectual stimulation can prevent debilitations that can lead to a more rapid onset of Alzheimers if one is prone to the disease. He concluded the talk by urging us to participate in or support the walk on September 22. 
September 25 – Our auction partner, Positive Tracks, will share their mission. 
October 2 – Rosie Kerr from the Dartmouth sustainability Office will discuss Dartmouth’s proposed biomass plant. 
October 9 – We are lining up a speaker to tell us about how the opioid problem is impacting the Upper Valley. 
October 15: Our Friendship Exchange visitors from Calgary, Alberta, will give us a report on their clubs’ activities and some insights on their part of the world. 
October 22 – We are lining up a speaker to tell us about how the opioid problem is impacting the Upper Valley. 
October 30: We will have a social gathering at the Dartmouth Library in lieu of our luncheon meeting, some details of which are described above. 
Enjoy this last week of summer! 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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