Carol Olwert will introduce Dr. Sally Kraft from DHMC. According to DHMC’s webpage describing the Populaiton Health Leadership team, Dr. Kraft is vice president of the Community Health department in the Population Health Management Division. She is active with the High Value Healthcare Collaborative, of which D-H was a founding member; and holds an appointment at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine as an assistant professor of medicine. She has been at Dartmouth since 2014, and before that was medical director of quality, safety and innovation for the University of Wisconsin Health System. Her team aspires to “…build systems to improve health and deliver health care in the safest, lowest-cost, least complicated setting that is right for everyone, based on the best science that we have.” 
John Hochreiter reminded members that the Pancake Breakfast was scheduled for Saturday and promised to send out additional reminders and solicitations for help. As many of us witnessed on Saturday and all of us read today, the annual Pancake Breakfast was a success! 

Dave Allen announced thaton April 27 we would launch our partnership with the Town of Hanover by assisting with the Spring Cleaning at School Street Park. He promised that details would follow in the weeks ahead.
Tom Csatari reminded club members that the Spring Social originally scheduled for April 3 would be hosted by Emily Bristol on May 1 at the Brick and Barn Realty in Quechee. 
I usually don’t publish the announcements Dave Bradley makes regarding when club members joined… but this week I am making an exception because Dave disclosed that he joined the club 49 years ago this month. To which I can only say… WOW! 
Dick Podolec made a follow-up announcement about the forthcoming Rotary Friendship Exchange in New Zealand in February 2020, offering details to any interested club members. 
Peter Perinnez won the raffle, which was extra syrup at the Pancake Breakfast! 
Tom Csatari introduced Andrew Winter, the Executive Director of Twin Pines Housing, our auction partner from 2017. Andrew offered an update on his agency’s work over the past several months. He provided a slide show illustrating a new building under construction opposite Hanover High School as well as other affordable and low income housing provided by Twin Pines throughout the Upper Valley. 
Twin Pines offers more than housing to over 1,000 residents in the region, though. They also provide support teams for their residents, 80% of whom avail themselves of the services that can connect them with local agencies who offer assistance in a wide range of areas. 
Andrew noted that there is an estimated deficit of 5000 housing units in the region due to the high level of employment and scarcity of moderate to low-priced housing. 
He described Twin Pines plans to address an emerging housing need: residences for those who are over 62 and seeking to remain in the area but not wanting to remain in their homes that are now more challenging for them to manage. Andrew noted that all of Twin Pines’ projects are now much more energy efficient and that his agency has been successful in winning grants that resulted in the rehabilitation of over 100 units in Lebanon and help for providing housing for the homeless. He noted that Rotary’s grant helped improve Twin Pines’ balance sheet and that, in turn, helped them secure a $500,000 grant from New Hampshire for new and improved housing and expanded services for those who reside in those houses. 
We are now booked through May… and the line up looks varied and interesting! Circle your Wednesdays and be sure to join us. 
April 17 - Our own Julia Griffin will share her “State of the Town” update as she prepares for Town Meeting in May. 
April 24 - The Director of the Lebanon Opera House, Joe Clifford, will share upcoming events at his venue.
May 1 will be our quarterly social, which will be hosted by the Emily Bristol at the Brick and Barn Realty in Quechee. 
May 8 - Rubi Simon introduces Tom Badowski, the district’s coordinator for Exchange Programs and our current exchange student. 
May 15 – Julie Stevenson will introduce a quartet from the Hanover High Jazz band
May 22 – We’ll hear from Dartmouth’s Daniel Chamberlain, the Associate Librarian for Digital Libraries.
May 29 – Heather Drinan will introduce Lee Webster, who will tell us about the home funeral movement. 
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