Valley News editor Maggie Cassidy will be our speaker. 
Liam McCarthy Reports that our recently discovered 1925 brass Rotary bell from Lebanon Rotary is missing! He believes that someone took it home for safe-keeping after the auction and is hoping that it will materialize at the meeting. 
Rubi Simon announced she had just returned from Honduras where she volunteered to help get a library up and running in a remote village as part of the ACTS Honduras initiative. She plans to give an update to the club in January.
We had a flood of Happy Dollars!  
  • Dave Allen offered two: one for a letter to editor about ACTS Honduras and one for Rubi’s role as a Rotary Ambassador.  
  • Greg Bazylewicz offered one for his appreciation that he was participating in the Handel Society’s forthcoming concert
  • Nan Carroll offered three: one for each of Hanover High’s championships: one for boys soccer; one for girls soccer; and one for the field hockey team. 
  • Dave Bradley gave one to celebrate his visit to Yankee stadium to witness previously undefeated Dartmouth win over Princeton. 
  • Tom Csatari contributed one for Niko Lalos who was named defensive player of the week for his efforts in Dartmouth’s victory
  • Deuce Denison offered one for witnessing the extraordinary musicians who performed in Hades Town
  • And… last but not nearly least, Rob Adams gave a hug and contributed a happy dollar to Nan Carroll for filling in for him on the night of the auction when his son was playing in one of the pivotal soccer games. 
President Liam McCarthy noted that the final bell ringing effort would be taking place at Dartmouth’s last home game and Mike Urnezis was seeking volunteers.  
NO ONE won the raffle which was reportedly going to result in someone being able to invite Dick Booma to dance with them. Alas, the tickets were left at the auction.  
We had a double header! 
First, Nan Carroll and Rob Adams offered their preliminary pre-audit analysis of the auction… and since it is a pre-audit report I trust that the fact I may not have gotten EVERY number down accurately will not be a problem. According to my notes, we took in $313,000 overall and that number is likely to rise in the coming weeks since we still have four Patriots tickets to raffle. Special kudos went to Richard Weiss whose trips pulled in $38500 and Nan and Rob also extended thanks to Deb Blanc and Ruby Nash. The beneficiaries of our raffle, the Postupack scholarship and Positive Tracks pulled in $14,500 and $39,700 respectively. A detailed report will be forthcoming and shared at a future meeting… along with the requisite oversized check. Oh...and both Nan and Rob are ready to hand over the reins to another Rotarian. Step right up!!!
President Liam McCarthy introduced Maine Rotarian and Rotary Foundation leader  Carolyn Johnson who offered a presentation on the accomplishments of the foundation, which included a reading program in Guatemala; efforts to enroll young women in college in the Central America;Romanian micro credit loans provided to  farmers so they could use tractors instead of mules; to entrepreneurs in that country to begin businesses in copy machine repair; solar powered night lights for reading in India; a cancer center in Kampala, Uganda; and, closed to home, a bazaar at Lac Megantic after their devastating fire. It is VERY evident that donations to the Fonudation can leverage great changes! 
November 27 – We have no meeting because it is Thanksgiving Eve
December 4 – Deecie Denison will introduce Simon Dennis from the Center for Transformational Practice in White River Junction
December 11 – We’ll be hearing some classification talks from our newest Rotarians 
December 18 – Jeremy Lambeth introduces Jay Satterfield from Rauner Library who will be talking on the topic Camouflaging Mrs. Hapgood. 
We are looking for a speakers January 8 and from January 29 onward. Now is the time to see Liam, Jeremy Lambeth, or me if you have any ideas! 
AND… a reminder, on January 22 Dartmouth President Hanlon briefs us on the college’s latest developments.  
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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