Ginia Allison will introduce her daughter Perry, who will tell us about her latest production for We the People Theater: a musical version of Studs Terkel’s book Working. The musical, which features songs written by Craig Carneila, Miki Grant, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mary Rogers and Susan Birkenhead, Stephen Schwartz, and James Taylor, will playing on various dates March at the Briggs Opera House and the tickets are very affordable. Ginia has requested that I arrange for a keyboard to be available, so I have reason to believe we will have some live entertainment! 
Tom Csatari announced that the date for the Occum Pond gathering movedfrom Saturday to Sunday and appealed for volunteers. I am certain he will share the results of the fundraiser and extend thanks to those who were able to adjust to the change in dates. 

President Tom also thanked John Hochreiter for arranging the social gathering on January 31, noting that everyone appreciated the opportunity to get to know each other informally. 

Jim Bonney received his third Paul Harris pin, having donated over $3,000 to Rotary and offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for the successful surgery he had on his elbow. He cautioned Rotarians against healed playing tag with their grandchildren while skating. 
Wayne Gersen offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for fellow UVEI Board member Jed Williamson’s willingness to join him in purchasing an ad for the Pancake Breakfast placemat. He encouraged other Rotarians who serve on non-profit boards to consider making similar pledges and to also see if their place of business is purchasing ads. As noted last week, seventy-five (75) people are receiving this Newsletter… and it would be great if a majority of recipients found a way to purchase a block ad to express appreciation for the work this club does for the community, to advertise their place of work, or to show support for a local non-profit of their choice. The cost for a single block ad is $65, two blocks cost $90, three blocks cost $125, and six blocks cost $215….Expect to be badgered at least one more time on this issue. 
Liam McCarthy made an appeal for speakers, inviting any Rotarians to suggest topics and individuals who might offer talks in exchange for a free meal and friendly cross-examination. 
Tom Csatari offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for the opportunity he had to see the new Harry Potter musical in New York City.  

Nan Carroll offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for Pats 6thSuper Bowl victory, which was greatly appreciated by most of our club members. 
Dave Bradley offered a Happy Dollar in appreciation for the opportunity he had to witness the re-hearing of the Dartmouth Case at the Supreme Court. The decision did not change. 
Charlie Rattigan, the Director of the Vermont Institute for Natural Sciences (VINS) (and Woodstock Rotarian) gave our club an update on his organization’s latest developments, the most significant being a forest canopy walk. He reported that VINS has a payroll of $931,000, attracts 39,000 visitors a year, and hosts 450 summer campers. Additionally, 22,000 individuals witness outreach programs and 1100 students in 29 different schools experienced VINS programs. While VINS has a much healthier endowment than in previous years, it still gathers most of its revenues through admissions and grants. 
The Canopy Walk, which is modelled after ones Charlie saw in site visits to other similar science centers, is ADA compliant but designed in a way that will allow visitors to get above the treetops, with one element towering 100’ high. Due to open in October 2019, VINS expects the Canopy walk to attract many more visitors making it possible to get a relatively rapid return on investment. In an effort to underwrite the Canopy Walk, VINS is offering naming rights to various individuals and businesses who make donations. Julia Griffin suggested that Upper Valley Rotary Clubs might pool their resources to secure naming rights for one of the platforms. Stay tuned for further developments on this idea. 
On February 20 Liam McCarthy will introduce Suzanne Lenz from CASA.... and after that Liam is looking for your ideas!   
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.