A heads up: we will be meeting in the Greenhouse section of Jesse’s! When you enter someone will direct you to the stairs that lead down to this section of the restaurant. 
Our speakers this week are Revels North Executive Director Brian Cook and Artistic Director Nils Fredland will fill us in on this year’s Christmas Revels, the last to be held at the HOP for the foreseeable future. Brian will tell us about the forthcoming change of venue for future shows and Nils will give us some details on this year’s show, which is set in Venice. Brian may also give us an update on his daughter’s experiences as our Rotary Exchange student. 
  • Nan Carroll thanked everyone for their help to date on the auction and reminded club members that Ruby Nash will be calling to confirm their volunteer status. She also encouraged club members to contribute to the Postupack scholarship in the form of a stand-alone donation or at the auction 
  • Several Happy Dollars were offered with Carol Olwert offering a dollar in honor of the Red Sox championship, Tom Csatri offering FIVE dollars for Dartmouth’s victory over Harvard, Red Sox Olwert, Kathy Geraghty’s celebration of Halloween, and Dave Bradley contribution of a dollar in honor of his grandson Dylan Bradley’s Hanover High Soccer team who was playing in the State semifinals against Manchester Central. Dave promised another dollar if the team won… but, alas, we won’t be collecting that dollar. 
  • President Tom announced that Listen looking for volunteers from our club to serve dinner on either December 8 or 26. He indicated that he hoped the club would volunteer to provide servers at a regular basis going forward. 
  • And who won the raffle? Dave Allen! And what did he win? A free hot dog at the 4thof July Bar-b-que! He offered to share his winnings but had no takers….  
Joanna Jedrzejczak, the teacher-chaperone who accompanied the Polish exchange students visiting Hanover High School, thanked her hometown Rotary Club, which, we learned from the Q and A session, consists of 18 men and no women, for underwriting this trip for 18 exchange students, all of whom attended high school. The Polish students answered questions from club members and, in doing so, observed that:  
  • Hanover High’s classes are far more interactive than those in Poland, offering opportunities for discussions instead of lectures
  • Unlike Polish schools, Hanover offers electives in art and music 
  • They found the people in our community to be happy and cheerful 
  • They spoke English well in large measure because they had Studied English for 12 years
  • Polish students are sorted into different high schools based on the results of an exam and admitted into colleges based on another exam
  • Among the things that the students saw as being different were: toilets, windows, portion sizes in restaurants, and Halloween
Here’s a picture of the group with President Tom:
November 8 - AUCTION GALA
November 14 - Nini Meyer of Positive Tracks
November 21 - No Meeting
November 28 - Treb Allen on his work along the Mexico US Border
December’s calendar will appear next week! 
Hope to see you all on Wednesday. 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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