Liam McCarthy will introduce George Spencer, the executive editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. In that capacity, George originates, researches, assigns, and edits all of the features in the magazine and manages the staff which includes an associate editor, editorial assistant, and student interns.After looking at the webpage, it is evident that we are in for an interesting presentation! 
Alas, your intrepid executive editor missed last week’s meeting and failed to find coverage. If you would like to serve as an associate editor (or cub reporter) for this weekly publication please let me know… There will be other weeks in the coming year where coverage would be helpful! I have a template you can use to provide me with the information I need to prepare the newsletter. 
I regrettably missed last week, because the program is one of my favorites…. but I am confident that Rubi Simon and her staff did a great job of offering 30 books in 30 minutes. 
July 3 – NO MEETING… but see the next entry! 
July 4 – Our Cook Out on the Green and a chance to march in the parade! 
July 10 – Our new President, Liam McCarthy takes over for Tom Csatari and will offer an inaugural address for us! 
July 17 – Dave Allen introduces Charlie Wheelan from Dartmouth College who will talk about his latest book, The Rationing: A Novel. 
July 24 ONWARD - We have no speakers identified. As I noted in earlier Newsletters, we have great speakers because of the connections of club members! Let us know of ideas you have for speakers in the months ahead. 
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