Wayne Gersen introduces Kaitie Eddington of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance to share some of the new paths available to hikers in our region
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The Zoom Room officially opens at NOON.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and opening inspirational quotes, David Allen will make some announcements, Dave Bradley will update us on birthdays and anniversaries, and Happy Dollars will be distributed.
Tom Csatari gave a +1 pin to Len Cadwallader in recognition of his second $1000 donation to the Paul Harris Fellows fund. 
Greg Bazylewicz gave a “heads up” announcement regarding a Stuff-a-Truck fundraiser on behalf of COVER to be held in September. 
Happy Dollars abounded:
  • Don Pasini offered one for the chance he had to babysit for his grandchild
  • Tom Csatari offered a one for completing 40 miles in the Prouty
  • Dennis Logue contributed two dollars: one for his grandchildren COMING for a visit and another for his grandchildren GOING home
  • Wayne Gersen contributed two as well: one in honor of Bruce Atwood’s backpack, which helped him stuff sleeping bags and pillows for an overnight trek to Carter Hut; and one for David Allen, who’s notes helped him issue last week’s Newsletter
  • David Allen made contributions for a long list of Rotarians who helped him in various capacities including the acquisition and implementation of tech equipment, the provision of thoughtful blessings for our meals, and those who are stepping up and helping secure volunteers 
Denise Dahlberg won the raffle, which entitles her a ten dollar savings for a future lunch at Jesse’s.
Todd Allen introduced Jack O’Toole CEO of Fresh Air Sensor, who offered a history of his company and an overview of their products that was full of humorous anecdotes. Jack described his background which included a full stint in the US Marine Corps before enrolling at the Tuck School to figure out what he would do for a career. After exploring several alternatives, he decided to launch his own business. He described the lengthy process he had to go through to develop, design and redesign, test and retest, and invent and reinvent a smoke detector that makes it possible to determine when someone registered in a hotel room or rental unit had smoked a cigarette or a joint. After months of fits and starts, he has developed a failsafe product, gotten enough customers to make it possible for him to make a profit in the near future, and identified a need in the market that only his firm, FreshAir Sensor, is capable of meeting. 
Jack had high praise for the education her received at the Tuck School, which helped him gain an understanding of the culture of business, gave him the management tools needed to oversee a start-up, and provided him with an invaluable network of fellow Tuck alums who freely offer him worthwhile advice. 
Coming Attractions: 
July 28 – Todd Allen introduces F.X. Flinn from ECFiber who will update us on their efforts to provide high speed internet services to rural NH and VT communities.
August 4 – Matt Garcia will be introduced by Todd Allen and will give us some insights into where our food comes from and how the people who produced it were treated. 
August 11 – Todd Allen introduces Matt Slaughter, Tuck’s Dean, who will offer his insights into how the economy is REALLY working
August 18 – Dana Michalovac, from the Good Neighbor Health Clinic will be introduced by Todd Allen
August 25 – Todd Allen introduces Kevin Geiger, who will offer a report on the housing situation in the Upper Valley
Our next opening is the last week in October…. But as often noted in this newsletter we can never sign-up speakers too early! 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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