June 24 – Todd Allen introduces Jim Feinson, CEO of Gardener's Supply. From everything I’ve read and witnessed, garden centers, bike stores, and sporting good stores selling kayaks and canoes are all weathering this economic bump in the road very well! 
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The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM. Liam McCarthy begins the official meeting at noon at which point it’s best if all mikes are muted. After our opening Pledge of Allegiance and opening inspiration Liam will hand off the virtual podium to Todd who will introduce our speaker 
I’m glad I’m writing this… because it reminds me that I better get MY check in the mail! By way of reminder, the annual club dues ($180) must be paid by June 25, 2020 or a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed. If dues are not received within 30 days after the beginning of the fiscal year ( July 31), the club will assume that you are withdrawing from membership of the Hanover Rotary Club. As of last week, Tom was desperately seeking payments. Tom asks that you give him a call (603-643-7714) if you do not wish to remain a member. Checks should be made out to “Rotary Club of Hanover, NH” and sent to: Rotary Club of Hanover, NH; P. O. Box 381; Hanover, NH 03755. 
John Hochreiter announced that he is now a district Assistant Governor. John briefed the club on how other clubs are handling the covid-19 through virtual reality and noted that since Jesse's is reopening we will need to discuss when to return to face-to-face meetings as opposed to our Hollywood Squares Zoomfests.
Jed Williamson offered a Happy TEN Dollars for Liam McCarthy and Nan Carrollfor their help selling his house.
Dick Podolec gave a Happy Dollar in recognition of John Hochreiter’s becoming an Assistant Governor. Dick also mentioned that the district virtual convention is this weekend.
And in absentia, Wayne Gersen offered a Happy Dollar to David Allen for hosting the meeting on Zoom and taking the notes he used to put this Newsletter together! 
Bruce Atwood won the virtual raffle: a $10 discount when we return to Jesse’s reopens.  
Liam McCarthy urged club members to consider making donations to the club’s Covid 19 Fund in lieu of paying for lunches at Jesse’s, which is saving members $18/week. To date we have received only $4500 in donations, not nearly the amount saved by members over the past several weeks. Here’s the link to make your donation!
Heather Drinan introduced Ashley Doolittle, Associate Director at the Center for Social Impact at Dartmouth. Three goals led to the establishment of the center as an outgrowth of the Tucker Foundation in 2015:
  • Service and volunteerism, 
  • Social and Justice and Protest, 
  • Moral and Spiritual Work 
The Center prepares students to be transformative leaders for the common good by increasing their knowledge, strengthening their integration with the community, increasing their global awareness, and developing their skills. The center uses experiential learning through a variety of programs. In an email she sent subsequent to the presentation, Heather offered a “down the road idea” Rotary might partner with the Center for Social impact in future. Her idea is to see if there is a specific project Rotarians could work on with Dartmouth students, and then invite the students to attend a meeting and tell us about their experience. Given the congruence between their mission and ours it strikes me as a good idea! 
Coming Attractions:
July 1 – Changeover meeting, where our current President Liam McCarthy steps down and hands the gavel to incoming President Todd Allen. 
July 8 – Casey Aldrich introduces her colleague Anne Sosin who oversees the Global Health Initiative at the Dickey Center who will talk to us about the work she is doing around the pandemic on campus and with partner organizations in developing countries. Anne was featured in today’s Valley News!
AND… we’re once again looking for speakers! My goal is to have the slate of speakers for the balance of the summer in place by the end of the month. As we’ve witnessed of late, with ZOOM we can draw speakers from across the region and across the country. 
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