Dave Allen will introduce John Vogel who will offer his insights on affordable housing in the Upper Valley. Here’s a link to a recent VPR Commentary John Vogel offered on the subject of affordable housing in Vermont.
Assistant District Governor Don MacMeekin announced that he would be stepping down in the near future and was seeking someone to take his place. He encouraged members from our club to consider the post, which serves as the liaison between Upper Valley clubs and the District. 
Dave Allen provided an update on update on ACTS Honduras, announcing a meeting of the club’s International Committee on August 21 at 11:15 at Jesse’s and encouraging any members interested in joining the committee to feel free to do. 

Julia Griffin gave a Happy Dollar in appreciation for a tree provided by assistant district governor Don McMeekina tree that is thriving in the town’s nurseryand will soon be transplanted in town.  She also offered a Happy Dollar to commemorate 25 Hanover residents who will be attending a Green Power event in Denmark. She assured club members that those who work for the Town will be paying their own way. 
Tom Csatari offered a Happy Dollar to celebrate his NY Mets 5 game winning streak. It appears they will soon be overtaking the Red Sox in the victory column…. 
Liam McCarthy offered a Happy Dollar to show his appreciation for seeing Julia Griffin donning a Rotary cap on the Green.  
Dave Allen won the raffle, which was a drink of his choice prepared by Liam McCarthy… with the proviso that Dave provide the ingredients.
Deecie Denison shared her experiences leading Partners in Community Service (PICS),  
a program from Carmel Rotary Club, where she formerly belonged. The Carmel club, which is smaller than ours, offered leadership classes offered to 5 partner schools in Carmel: elementary and middle, public and private. The club has offered these classes, designed to link students with non-profit organizations, for 20 years.
Under the umbrella of the PICS program the Rotary club offers $1000 to each leadership club that they can award to a non-profit organization of their choice. To determine the most worthy organization, leadership club members engage in a laborious process that concludes with a presentation by 3 non-profit to the class followed by consensus deliberations by the students themselves. The Rotary club members serve as witnesses to the program, which is facilitated by a teacher at the school. Deecie showed a video from a few years ago that illustrated how the program works and featured a luncheon Rotary sponsored for recipients. 
At the conclusion of the presentation, Liam McCarthy gained a consensus from those in attendance to pursue the introduction of this program into our schools. 
August 14 – Nan Carroll will host a social at her home in lieu of our regular weekly meeting. She sent out an email earlier today indicating that drinks will be served beginning at 5:30 with a bar-b-q to follow at 6:30--- all for the same price or less than the lunch at Jesse’s. She asked that we RSVP by August 10.  
August 21 and 28th– We are in the process of lining up speakers for these date and hope to have an announcement on Wednesday!   
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