Todd Allen introduces Jack O’Toole CEO of Fresh Air Sensor. Assuming this is their website, as a former HS disciplinarian I can see some very practical applications for this product!
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The Zoom Room officially opens at 12:30 PM.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and opening inspirational quotes at noon, Todd Allen will introduce our speakers
Because I was hiking in the White Mountains on Wednesday I was unable to attend in person or virtually.... hence there are no updates here...
Since I warned David Allen that I would be absent and asked that he send me a synopsis of his remarks, I was able to write this summary: 
David apologized in advance for three things: nagging everyone to do as much as possible to help with the club and projects; for missing more meetings than he would like; and for his propensity to tell lame jokes. After delivering a joke that was so lame he would not disclose it in an email, David shared two goals for the coming year: have fun and grow membership. He asked every Rotarian to be active in a committee, participate in club projects, help run the club, recruit a new member, share happy dollars, and be an annual supporter of the Rotary International Foundation. To underscore the seriousness of his commitment to committee participation, he sent an email out ninety minutes after the meeting providing us with a list of the various committees and the committee chairs.  
Thanks, David, for helping me out! 
I didn’t ask Todd Allen for his closing remarks… but as the chair of the program committee I want to offer my deep and sincere appreciation for all that Todd did to bring us exceptional speakers from across the country during this daunting year… and if you look at the list of “Coming Attractions” that follows you can see that he is not resting on his laurels! Thank you, Todd, for all your help! 
Coming Attractions: 
July 21 – Wayne Gersen introduces Kaitie Eddington of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance to share some of the new paths available to hikers in our region
July 28 – Todd Allen introduces F.X. Flinn from ECFiber who will update us on their efforts to provide high speed internet services to rural NH and VT communities.
August 4 – Matt Garcia will be introduced by Todd Allen and will give us some insights into where our food comes from and how the people who produced it were treated. 
August 11 – Todd Allen introduces Matt Slaughter, Tuck’s Dean, who will offer his insights into how the economy is REALLY working
August 18 – Dana Michalovac, from the Good Neighbor Health Clinic will be introduced by Todd Allen
August 25 – Todd Allen introduces Kevin Geiger, who will offer a report on the housing situation in the Upper Valley
We’re now booked through the last week in October…. But as often noted in this newsletter we can never sign-up speakers too early! 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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