A reminder, there is NO luncheon meeting this week. Instead we have a social event held at the old railroad station in Norwich. At this point, those who have signed up know who they are and will be there at 5:00 PM.
In addition to making announcements regarding the deadline for signing up for this week's social, Tom Csatari sought sign ups for the Occum Pond event on Saturday, February 9. He also circulated sign-up sheets via email last week in an effort to solicit volunteers. Members are asked to help Tom, who is assuming responsibility for THIS event as well as tackling the task of leading the club. Show your appreciation for his efforts by signing up soon! 
Tom also announced that Jim Bonney is having surgery on an injured elbow at DHMC, the result of a slip on the ice. 
Happy dollars abounded! Terri Minelli offered one to celebrate the Pats victory and forthcoming trip to the Super Bowl where they will play the undeserving Rams. John Shiffler offered TWO happy dollars for the success thus far at Whaleback. Kathy Geraghty offered one to celebrate the life of Lebanon Rotarian Sue Donnelly, who was very active in the Friendship exchanges. 
Bob Donin won the raffle, which was an $18 gift certificate to Lou's. We will be expecting free donuts at the Occum Pond event.  
Bellows Falls Rotarian Steve Roberts gave a talk on the Kurn Hattin Homes, a non-profit organization he heads in Westminster VT. The home provides a residence and schooling to roughly 120 students in grades K-8. The students have one thing in common: their home lives adversely impacted their ability to succeed in school. 50% of the students are from Vermont, with 25% from New Hampshire and the balance from urban areas in New England and New York. The Kurn Hattin Homes consists of 9 cottages housing 9-11 students each and provides a structured and highly individualized program for the students who live there. Steve showed a movie depicting life at the school and responded to questions following the movie and his brief presentation. He noted that while the school has a solid endowment, it DOES need private donations to achieve the needs of the students. 
At this juncture, you and I will have to remain in suspense about nest week.... but I DO know that Ginia Allison's daughter Perry will be our presenter on February 13, telling us about her latest production which is based on Studs Terkel's book Working. In the meantime, get out your skis and snowshoes... but be careful on the ice! 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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