This week we have an especially timely talks as Dartmouth professor Treb Allen tells us about the economic impact of the wall between Mexico and the United States. The basis of Treb’s talk will be the results of a joint study conducted by Dartmouth and Stanford, results that might surprise some in the audience. 
The Club gave a standing ovation to Rob Adams and Nan Carrollfor their heroic efforts in planning and executing the Auction. Rob reported that the auction raised over $300,000, far and away the most ever. He provided a power point presentation that included the preliminary results broken down by various categories. Both he and Nan singled out several individuals who played a key role, but they also emphasized that the entire club got behind the effort which made it possible to pack the house. 
Raffle winnerPhil McCaullwon a prize that actually has some solid value: a free estate planning lecture from our President Tom Csatari.
Rob Adams introduced Nini Meyer, the Executive Director of Positive Tracks, who immediately got into a shared physical activity. Nini described the history of her organization, which was launched after she witnessed the way a group of Lyme students energized a group of 600 to run on behalf of a classmate who was diagnosed with leukemia. She realized that students needed a pathway to show their support for problems and issues--- large and small, local and international. In response, she founded Positive Tracks, which helps those students organize fund raising events based on [physical eactivities. 
Nini introduced her son Jasper, who offered a description of “Generation Z”, the largest cohort in world. He noted that his generation (ages 10-23) is the first one raised with the internet and is defined by 9/11. After giving an overview of the characteristics of his generation, he and his mom, Nini, who emphasized that even though Generation Z faces some challenges, they are committed to making the world a better place. She described the goal of Positive Tracks as helping Generation Z become “confident, compassionate, healthy communitarians”. Here’s hoping they succeed! 
I know I promised to have December's line up in this Bulletin, but you’ll have to come this Wednesday to find out what is in store in December! Hope to see you there. 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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