We have NO MEETING this week… but we DO have a cookout and a parade on July 4… and Rod Thomas wanted me to remind everyone to wear your Rotary hats! He also wanted to make certain that those wishing to march in the parade can do so even if you haven’t signed up at all marchers should be at the high school by 9:45 because the parade steps off at 10. 
Tom Csatari offered an update on the Board meeting, where they voted to donate $4500 to ACT Honduras, the group who spoke at our meeting in June. The Board also spent time discussing plans for the November auction and the concept of offering larger gifts for fewer charities and offering gifts on an ad hoc basis as opposed to reviewing formal applications on an annual basis.
President Csatari presented a pin to Deecie Denison for donating $1000 to attain a Paul Harris fellowship. 
Visiting Rotarian and old friend Mort Wise announced that his photography would be on display at the Roth Center following an opening that occurred last week. 
Dick Podolec announced that the membership committee would be holding its next meeting on August 
Kathy Geraghty offered a happy dollar announcing that the club issued a check to the Haven for $120… a nice sum but less than we had accumulated from the Happy Dollar fund earlier. 
Nick Harvey won the raffle and got a valuable prize this time: a one-day pass to Storrs Pond. 
Liam McCarthy introduced George Spencer, the executive editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, who began his stint in that capacity18 months ago.  He gave an inspiring talk based on his recently published set of essays titled Courage 101, which offered profiles of 80 individuals who displayed courage in their actions. George shared four stories from his book, describing Brownie Wise who had the courage to pusue the marketing of Tupperware, which was originally viewed as worthless; Ted Geisel who had the courage to persist after 26 rejections of his initial children’s book, “To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street”; Julianne Kopecki whose courage enabled her to survive a plane crash in the Amazon jungle that required her to find her way back to civilization after wandering 11 days without shoes; and, Harold Russell who had his hands blown off in an explosives plant accident and went on to win an Oscar for his role in The Best Years of Our Lives, a movie that was Best of the Year in 1946. Mr. Russell ultimately became President of Amvets. Later in response to questions George shared anecdotes about Victor Frankl and a 19thCentury Native American Dartmouth grad, Charles Alexander Eastman, who began his life wanting to kill white men but after converting to Christianity dedicated his life to healing. It was an uplifting and heartwarming talk! 
July 10 – Our new President, Liam McCarthy will take over for Tom Csatari and will offer an inaugural address for us! 
July 17 – Dave Allen introduces Charlie Wheelan from Dartmouth College who will talk about his latest book, The Rationing: A Novel
July 24 – We have an open date! This is your chance to suggest a speaker for us! 
July 31Deecie Denison will speak about a program from Carmel Rotary Club, where she formerly belonged, called Partners in Community Service or PICS. 
August 7 ONWARD - We have no speakers identified. Let us know of ideas you have for speakers in the months ahead. 
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