Tom Csatari introduces Kevin Finn, Colby Sawyer College’s Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Science, who will talk about recent enhanced efforts to work with Dartmouth-Hitchcock to meet the educational needs of workers at DH to help them retain staff.  
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The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and opening Password Todd will introduce our speaker
They are recorded in “speaker view” which means if you do ask questions during the Q and A session you will appear on screen unless you disable the camera. 
Kevin Wenger announced that we had raised over $15,000 for the LISTEN Bell Ringing from the membership and believed that we should top $30,000 by the end of our efforts. NOTE: I expect that Kevin Wenger or Todd Allen will be reporting on the final figures for our Virtual Bell Ringing this week. Thanks to all who helped!
Dave Bradley serenaded Julia Griffin with a solo rendition of Happy Birthday. After his debut performance I am confident that more Rotarians will show up on their birthdays! 
Dennis Logue offered a Happy Dollar in honor of his five family members who got COVID, received treatments, and are all on the mend.
The Raffle Management Team (RMT) awarded Julia Griffin with a $10 in-kind donation to LISTEN for astute response to the multiple choice question posed by the RMT Brain Trust. 
And here’s an end of the Holiday Season Bonus: the back story to Len Cadwallader’s trees that ended up on the Dartmouth Green and the Vermont State House:
REMINDER: Here’s the link to make your donation in lieu of paying for meals at Jesse’s AND the place to donate your Happy Dollars!
Todd Allen introduced club member and Hanover Town Manager Julia Griffin whose presentation attracted 32 squares of attendees, breaking Arnon Mishkin’s record! Julia offered an update on how Hanover is coping with the pandemic. She noted that apart from the outbreaks at Hanover Terrace that appear to have resulted from an asymptomatic volunteer and a pod of students at Tuck who failed to follow the Town’s guidelines, COVID has not had as bad an impact on Hanover as it has had on other communities. She commended Dartmouth College’s cooperation as well as the diligence of residents and and communities like Kendall who have locked down at the first sign of potential problems. Julia did express concerns about the post-Holiday period when upperclassman and school children return after spending the Holidays elsewhere.   
Julia described the collaboration between the Town and the Upper Valley Business Alliance in submitting CARES Act paperwork to help small businesses survive. She also reported that the Town is already looking ahead to planning for the Town Meeting, particularly ensuring that there is a mechanism for townspeople to engage in the development of the budget and setting of priorities in a time when face-to-face meetings are unlikely. 
Club members praised Julia’s leadership and that of the town administrators who made Main Street a cheerful venue and continue to work effectively. In response to questions from Club members, Julia urged that we look at local data as opposed to state data and offered some insight into future projects in the works in Hanover and the Upper Valley.
Coming Attractions:
January 13 – Todd Allen will introduce Emilio Freeman who speak to us about the Sea Dream Yacht Club
January 20 – Dick Podolec introduces Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon
January 27 – Dick Podolec will introduce our club’s favorite economist: Danny Blanchflower
February 3 – Len Cadwallader introduces David Hoffer from Lyme Timber to update us on how that sector of the economy is faring during the pandemic
February 10 – Todd Allen presents a longtime friend, John Bowman, who will tell us how to write a joke. I will be taking copious notes…. 
Do YOU have any ideas for speakers to fill in the blanks moving forward? We’d love to hear them! We’re now booked through mid-March but have open dates thereafter…. And from what I can see we will be Zooming at least into late Spring so your friends and relatives from afar are fair game! 
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