Liam McCarthy will introduce Rachel Brooksa Rotary Peace Scholar, who will share her experiences with us. The Rotary webpage offers this description of the Peace Fellowship initiative: 
Through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities, the Rotary Peace Centers program develops the fellows into experienced and effective catalysts for peace. The fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.
In just over a decade, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,200 fellows. Many of them now serve as leaders at international organizations or have started their own foundations.
Dave Bradley offered a happy dollar for completing the 50 miles in the Prouty with his grandson and son. 
Jim Bonney contributed a happy dollar in honor of the Prouty bringing in over $3.3 million dollars this year, the most ever, and a second happy dollar in honor of Dave Bradley for the thousands he and his various teams have contributed to the Prouty over the past several years. 
Dave Bradley was also saluted with a happy dollar by a fellow Rotarian for appearing on VPR to give the history of the Dresden School District.  
Deecie Denison contributed a happy dollar in appreciation of Opera North’s Hoedown at Blow-Me-Down, an event she and several Rotarians attended in the past week. 
Ginia Allison was also saluted with a happy dollar by a fellow Rotarian for her excellent introduction of the speaker at the Osher Summer Program. 
Mark Beliveau won the raffle and got a $25 gift certificate to Hanover Haircuts.  
Dave Allen introduced Charlie Wheelan from Dartmouth College who gave a VERY entertaining and humorous talk about his latest book, The Rationing: A Novel. Dave Allen introduced Charlie Whelan. The novel was made possible as the result of a “Family Gap Year” Charlie took in 2016 with his family, an activity that yielded several hilarious anecdotes and many memorable moments. Because his wife and three teenage kids all slept later than he did during this 9 month “world tour”, and because he was often unable to connect to the internet, Charlie was able to use the time made available to work on a novel he began writing. After completing the first 150 pages, he asked his wife to read it and offer her feedback. Her reaction: she was hooked! After some initial rebuffs from his editor and agent, Charlie got a green light and his novel is now available.
Charlie read two excerpts from his book, both of which made references to Rotary clubs. One scene described the President conferring with his chief of staff on how best to share the news about a decision he was going to announce regarding his willingness to negotiate with China on the acquisition of vaccines needed to deal with an otherwise incurable disease. Before hearing options, he wanted to make certain whatever decision he rendered “could be sold to the Rotary Club”. He ended the reading without disclosing the ultimate decision the President made…. A sure fire way to make sure we get book! 
July 31Deecie Denison will speak about a program from Carmel Rotary Club, where she formerly belonged, called Partners in Community Service or PICS. 
August 7 - Dave Allen introduces John Vogel who will talk with us about affordable housing in the Upper Valley. 
August 14 – Nan Carroll will host a social at her home in lieu of our regular weekly meeting. Details will be forthcoming as the date nears. 
August 21 – A speaker we hoped to line up has deferred until a later date. We still have a month to get someone! 
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