We have no program this week..but Mike UrnezisIS looking for early sign-ups for our annual Christmas bell ringing. Bob Boon, Heather Drinan, John Hochreiter,  and Terri Minelli have already signed up! What are you waiting for? Here’s the link:
Dave Allen invited Rotarians to a graduation that was scheduled to being at 2:00 PM today…in South Africa. The invitation was extended due to our support for a program at one of the schools in that region. With more lead time we might be able to accept next year! 
Liam McCarthy extended his thanks to Mike Urnezis for arranging to have bell ringing at the Dartmouth home football games, reporting that the club raised $1000 total at the three home games 
Wayne Gersen reported that the missing 1925 Bell was “found”… in Jeremy Lambeth’s possession. He took it to his house for safe keeping and promised to keep it warm and bring it to the next meeting he is able to attend. 
John Hochreiter offered a Happy Dollar to commemorate the recent relocation of Computac’s headquarters to Buck Road.
Terri Minelli offered five Happy Dollars in honor of her daughter Kelli’s forthcoming wedding in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Kathy Geraghty offered a Happy Dollar for Dartmouth’s good football season despite their recent loss. 
NO ONE won the raffle which will return once the tickets are returned. 
John Gregg of the Valley News updated us on the newspaper, giving us insights on how the paper is put together every day, John Gregg began working at the Valley News in 2003 and launched his weekly column on New Hampshire politics in 2004 and since 2012 he’s served local news editor. He assured us that while the printing of the Valley News has relocated to the Concord area, the Valley News staff remains in Lebanon and the paper remains the largest and most comprehensive news source. Since the printing operation moved to Concord the Valley News has a 10:00 PM deadline, which means it sometimes misses local news in its print editions but does offer timely local reporting in its online edition. He illustrated how the “skinny staff” gets comprehensive coverage n a typical Saturday and offered illustrations of how tough it is to get “balance”, especially when the Democrats are running nearly 20 individuals in the primary. 
John Gregg wouldn’t speculate on who might be the ultimate winner in the Democrat’s primary, but did note that in 2003 Howard Dean was the leading candidate in November and conventional wisdom viewed John Kerry as “fading”. A scream in Iowa and things changed.... 
November 27 – We have no meeting because it is Thanksgiving Eve
December 4 – Deecie Denisonwill introduce Simon Dennis from the Center for Transformational Practice in White River Junction
December 11 – We’ll be hearing some classification talks from our newest Rotarians 
December 18 – Jeremy Lambeth introduces Jay Satterfield from Rauner Library who will be talking on the topic Camouflaging Mrs. Hapgood. 
We are looking for a speakers from January 29 onward. Now is the time to see Liam, Jeremy Lambeth, or me if you have any ideas for speakers! 
AND… a reminder, on January 22 Dartmouth President Hanlon briefs us on the college’s latest developments.  
Wayne Gersen
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