Todd Allen will introduce Emilio Freeman who speak to us about the Sea Dream Yacht Club… something that will be a welcome distraction from the cold weather and stream of news coming from Washington. 
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The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and opening Password Todd will introduce our speaker
They are recorded in “speaker view” which means if you do ask questions during the Q and A session you will appear on screen unless you disable the camera. 
Kevin Wenger announced that we had topped $30,325 by the end of our efforts. Thanks to all who helped! 
Rod Thomas offered a Happy Dollar for the outstanding job Todd Allen did in organizing and following through on the Virtual Bell Ringing fundraiser. 
Bruce Atwood offered a Happy Dollar in recognition for his sighting of Todd Allen at the top of Mount Mousilauke on New Years Day. 
Todd Allen offered a Happy Dollar for apparel from We Wool We Wool Rock Ewe, apparently a clothing company founded by Queen.
The Raffle Management Team (RMT) awarded Jim Bonney and Michelle Sun with a $10 in-kind donation to LISTEN for their combined effort at responding to the multiple choice question posed by the RMT Brain Trust. Hint to future respondent… “all of the above” seems to work. 
REMINDER: Here’s the link to make your donation in lieu of paying for meals at Jesse’s AND the place to donate your Happy Dollars!
Tom Csatari introduced Kevin Finn, Colby Sawyer College’s Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Science, who shared recent developments at the college’s partnership with DHMC. He described his personal background in sports medicine and college administration and outlined the steps Colby Sawyer is taking to achieve the synergistic goals of increasing its enrollment while helping DHMC fill positions: growing their existing programs; growing the RN to BS program; adding a program for Respiratory Therapy; offering a Masters Degree for clinical nurse teachers; and expanding the associate degree programs in health and nursing. 
Kevin reported that Colby Sawyer’s School of Nursing and Health Science now has 15 full-time faculty members, 2 professional staff members and an adjunct faculty to provide ad hoc courses. They enroll 344 undergrads, a 10% increase from a year ago, and 432 students altogether, an increase of 100 from last year. He described Colby Sawyer’s accelerated program that provides an opportunity for individuals with a BS degree in a non-health field to complete the course work needed to become a nurse on a fast track. 
Coming Attractions:
January 20 – Well... we HOPED Dick Podolec would introduce Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon… but it seems that the Inauguration is happening the same day and it also seems that some complications might ensure… so…. We’ll have some kind of announcement on the speaker when we gather on Wednesday… and because of our full slate of speakers it may be April before we hear from Dr. Hanlon…. 
January 27 – Dick Podolec will introduce our club’s favorite economist: Danny Blanchflower
February 3 – Len Cadwallader introduces David Hoffer from Lyme Timber to update us on how that sector of the economy is faring during the pandemic
February 10 – Todd Allen presents a longtime friend, John Bowman, who will tell us how to write a joke. I will be taking copious notes…. 
February 17 – Wayne Gersen introduces Alex Thurman, an archivist affiliated with Columbia whose been tracking news reports on COVID well before it was a household name. More details on this will be forthcoming. 
Do YOU have any ideas for speakers to fill in the blanks moving forward? We’d love to hear them! We’re now booked through mid-March but have open dates thereafter…. And from what I can see we will be Zooming at least into late Spring so your friends and relatives from afar are fair game! 
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