We have a changing of the guard (or a changing of the Allens), with David Allen taking the gavel from Todd Allen
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The Zoom Room officially opens at 12:30 PM.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and opening inspirational quotes at noon, Todd Allen will introduce our speakers
Todd Allen read a thank you note he received from Hank Trimble, the Rotary Scholarship winner from the past year. 
Wayne Gersen announced that Jed Williamson was seeking someone from the club to head up a Rotary team to head up this year’ Alzheimers Walk fundraiser. Details on the walk will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. Please let Jed know if you are willing to take this on. 
Kathy Geraghty offered a Happy Dollar to celebrate the fact that she was able to converse with her 13-year old granddaughter for more than 30 minutes. 
Rob Adams offered a Happy Dollar to celebrate the emerging bumper crop of veggies in his garden, an abundance he will be willing to share with other club members.
Todd Allen offered FIVE Happy Dollars because today was the end of his term of office.  
The Raffle Winner, who’s $10 prize goes to Willing Hands, was Bruce Atwood. 
In his final day in office Todd Allen introduced Polar Latitudes’ John McKeon, who offered a humorous account of his very challenging year due to the pandemic. He opened by thanking the Club for its support--- singling out Nan Carroll’s who introduced him to a Yale statistician who provided him with data he needed to make decisions on whether and when to schedule trips to the South Pole. He offered six categories of challenges his organization faced in the past year: ship contracts; gateway city issues; government regulations; ground ops (i.e. hotels, ground transport, flights to the gateway cities, etc); safety protocols; and sales and marketing. In all six categories, the biggest challenge was not knowing if and when the pandemic would run its course. Close behind was the challenge that cities, private providers, national governments, and customers all had different thresholds of risk. The good news for Polar Latitudes was that 95% of the customers rolled over their contracts to this year. His one lesson: tell the truth to customers and be prepared for unpredictable changes. 
In response to the question “why would I go with Polar Latitiudes?”, John responded that their company prides itself on personal service, avoiding glitzy features like submarines, helicopters, and exotic adventures while focusing on interesting and informative presentations and custom guided trips. Polar Latitudes is about an immersion in nature, not the latest and greatest technological advance in adventure travel. 
Coming Attractions: 
July 14 – Todd Allen introduces Jack O’Toole CEO of Fresh Air Sensor
July 21 – Wayne Gersen introduces Kaitie Eddington of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance to share some of the new paths available to hikers in our region
July 28 – Todd Allen introduces F.X. Flinn from ECFiber who will update us on their efforts to provide high speed internet services to rural NH and VT communities.
August 4 – Matt Garcia will be introduced by Todd Allen and will give us some insights into where our food comes from and how the people who produced it were treated. 
August 11 – Todd Allen introduces Matt Slaughter, Tuck’s Dean, who will offer his insights into how the economy is REALLY working
August 18 – Dana Michalovac, from the Good Neighbor Health Clinic will be introduced by Todd Allen
August 11 – Todd Allen introduces Kevin Geiger, who will offer a report on the housing situation in the Upper Valley
We’re now booked through the first week in October…. But as often noted in this newsletter we can never sign-up speakers too early! 
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