Liam McCarthy will introduce our speaker, Suzanne Lenz who, Direector of Development for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) who recruit, train, and supervise volunteers to serve as advocates for abused and neglected children in the New Hampshire Court system. The CASA webpage describes the typical volunteer as “a caring adult who becomes a consistent figure in the child’s life. She is someone the child can depend on to make sure their needs are not only being met, but are the top priority.”
Before heading down the road to New London, Tom Csatari gave Listen Executive Director Kyle Fisher a check for $11,391, the amount we raised during this year’s bell ringing session during Christmas. 
President Csatari also reported that Rotary took in $2,500 at the Occum Pond gathering, selling almost everything we purchased and providing funds for the Hanover Recreation department. He extended thanks to a host of Rotarians who pitched in… but failed to acknowledge the work HE did to make the event happen. Thank you, Tom! 
Nan Carroll offered a Happy Dollar in honor of Perry Allison, whose work with the We The People theater has been a gift to the Upper Valley. 
Kathy Geraghty gave a Happy Dollar on behalf of “Anastasia Child”…. At least that’s what my phone tells me… But methinks my fat fingers and spell checker combined to convolute the message. 
Len Cadwallader gave a Happy Dollar in honor of Kathy’s birthday.

won the raffle, a $25 gift to the Rotary Foundation in my name. 
Ginia Allison introduced her daughter, Perry, who produced and performs in a forthcoming production of a musical based on Studs Terkel’s Working by We The People Theater. Jenn Langhus and Ham Gillett offered songs honoring two occupations: that of a housewife and a retiree. We The People Theater is offering “minimum wage” tickets for $11.50 to members of the public who typically would not attend the theater because of the high ticket prices and last year offered 300 free tickets to children so they could see 1776. Tickets are available on line at Based on the sneak preview we witnessed… I would but them soon! 
A REMINDER: We’re on the lookout for future speakers…. Please offer your suggestion to Liam McCarthy or Tom Csatari. 
I hoped to insert pictures into this week's bulletin... but failed to do so THIS time. But if you want to be up to date on pictures, I encourage you to go to our Facebook page, which is maintained by Jeremy Lambeth. It is full of REAL news about our club and features videos as well as pictures of the Occum Pond party. Jeremy does an excellent job of keeping the page fresh. Show your appreciation for his work by visiting the page and clicking "like" or, better yet, "love".
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