Charlie Rattigan, the Director of the Vermont Institute for Natural Sciences (VINS) will be giving us an update on a forest canopy walk being constructed there. Here’s an unsolicited testimonial: if you haven’t taken your child or grandchild to VINS lately you are missing a fulfilled and informative day! Having visited the center on several occasions over the past decade I have seen constant improvements and expansion and my elementary aged grandchildren are always excited to visit. I’m eager to hear about VINS latest expansion. 
We had a social last week so there are no announcements to share… However, as the Pancake Breakfast Advertisement Solicitor I am going to use this space in this week’s Newsletter to encourage each of us to consider placing an ad this year. As I believe you are aware, we make most of the profit on the Pancake Breakfast from advertising. As I was sending out email solicitations last year I noted that many Rotarians missed the opportunity to place their own ads on the placemat--- either a personal appreciation for the club’s work or an advertisement for your place of work. It also strikes me that many of us serve on non-profit boards who cannot afford to advertise but who might benefit from the publicity they would get from having an acknowledgement on the placemat.
For the past several years Bob Donin, Len Cadwallader, and Bill Garfield have purchased $65 block ads, and since joining the club Marty MacMillan has acquired three blocks for $125. While I do not know every Rotarians place of work, I believe that Rotarians work for the following businesses who advertised in years past: Computac, Fisher Wealth Management, Granite Value Capital, Bar Harbor (when it was Lake Sunapee), Mascoma, Coldwell Banker Realtors, Stebbins and Bradley, Upper Valley Wood Fuel, and Wells Fargo. 
Seventy-five (75) people are receiving this Newsletter… and it would be great if a majority of recipients found a way to purchase a block ad to express appreciation for the work this club does for the community, to advertise their place of work, or to show support for a local non-profit of their choice.
The cost for a single block ad is $65, two blocks cost $90, three blocks cost $125, and six blocks cost $215. Help support our club by considering an ad on this year's placemat. 
As noted above, we had a social last week… one that I was unable to attend. I am certain we will hear a report from Tom Csatari on the event. 
February 13 Ginia Allison will be introducing her daughter, Perry, who is the producer of Working, a musical appearing at the Briggs Opera House in the coming weeks. There will be live music from the show at the meeting! 
On February 20 Liam McCarthy will introduce Suzanne Lenz from CASA.  
See you all on Wednesday! 
Wayne Gersen
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Russell Hampton
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