Nan Carroll will introduce Sherri Oberg, an entrepreneur who has been CEO of several public/private biopharma companies. A former Trustee of Dartmouth College. Sherri’s raised over $400,000,000 in capital and is currently CEO of Particles for Humanity. She will speak about "Bridging the Gap Between Academic Research and Developing World Needs".  One of her companies' technologies was created as part of the polio eradication initiative at the Gates Foundation and we will hear more about that as part of her presentation. 
  • PresidentTom Cstari announced that the Philanthropy Committee met in the past week and developed guidelines for awarding grants that the Board will review later this month. He reminded club members that we need to identify leaders for next year’s auction if we hope to continue raising the money in the future. Who will come forward? 
  • Gus Venturawon the raffle and it wasn’t a cookie of his choice or free parking at Jesse’s… it was a $25 gift certificate for the Norwich Book store. Gus will be welcoming any recommendations for good books!  
I offered a talk titled “Are Billionaires Good for America?”. The answer is "NO" but you'll have to sign up for my Osher course titled “The Philanthropy Paradox” to get the full rationale for that response. The talk (and the course) drew on Anand Giridharadas’ book Winners Take All, which is my recommendation for Gus Ventura. This half-hour TED talk by Mr. Giridharadas describes his thinking about the way the top .01% use their donations to override democracy. 
Next week we have Kurn Hattin Homes, whose mission is totransform the lives of children and their families forever.
On January 30 we have a social in lieu of our regular meeting. Details will be forthcoming! 
I hope to have February's topics for next week's bulletin. 
Wayne Gersen
Russell Hampton
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